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Portfolio / Her Eyes

Portfolio / Short & Feisty

Portfolio / Meldoy

Portfolio / Uncharted
uncharteduncharted 03

uncharted 2



Oil on canvas, 11″ X 14″

I was motivated to paint this piece when I was spending a ton of time working from my small studio apartment in NYC. The best lighting in my apartment is at 9:30 am, but the rest of the day it’s a bit cavelike. Having recently quit my job at the time, I remember everything was unexpected and I was just trying to embrace whatever came my way.

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Portfolio / Spudnik
steampunkspudnik 1

spudnik 2

spudnik 3

spudnik 4

spudnik 5

spudnik 6

spudnik 7



Steampunk Toy Series. Spudnik, as I call him, was a project that was inspired by a craft swap project hosted by 99homebrew. Designers and crafters alike randomly were paired with a different theme and a material. My theme was “steampunk” and my material was “old toy.” Every project was open for interpretation.

My Role

Design, Illustration, Craft


Linzi Bergmann, Craft Host
IronDog Studios, Steampunk Inspiration
Doctor A., Steampunk Inspiration


Oh Gizmo!


Many thanks to the steampunk gurus and the model artist out there that had inspired me to create something totally out of my realm. It was incredible to see this character take on a life of it’s own!

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Portfolio / Drinklist
Drinklist_01 Drinklist_02 Drinklist_03 Drinklist_04 Drinklist_05



Urbandaddy is a lifestyle media company that curates editorial content, events, and experiences across multiple platforms, including email, mobile, online and offline. Drinklist is a cocktail enthusiast’s guide to finding the perfect cocktail. Urbandaddy’s Drinklist provides hyper-relevant content, such as the DNA of a cocktail, what’s trending in your city, and where to find your favorite Negroni cocktail on a Tuesday night.

My Role

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Portfolio / Stoli: The White Room

Portfolio / Book Safe

Portfolio / Luxurious Animals
luxanimals 1 luxanimals 2 luxanimals 3 luxanimals 4

Luxurious Animals

Luxurious Animals

Luxurious Animals is a digital creative agency. They are known for emersive websites and experiential installations. They revealed their new portfolio site in 2011, reflecting their desire to create beautiful work and expressing their sense of style.

My Role

Art Direction, Design, Production


Justin Schrader, Developer
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Portfolio / Skittles: Experience the Rainbow
skittles 1 skittles 2 skittles 3 skittles 4 skittles 5 skittles 6 skittles 7 skittles 8 skittles 9 skittles 10

Skittles: Experience the Rainbow


The Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits Campaign is an extension of a larger effort to create a world that would house all of skittles pack series. Skittles is known for innovating new flavor packs, such as Fizzl’d Fruits. This site was strategically built to be completely customizable each time a new flavor pack is released. A ton of bizarre content was created for this ever-scrolling website to characterize the Fizzl’d Fruit Skittles pack.

My Role

Design, Production


Dave Chau, Design Director
Jamie Kosoy, Technology Director


Big Spaceship


2011 W3 Awards, Websites: Food & Beverages – Silver
2011 W3 Awards – Gold
2011 Golden Award of Montreux – Gold
2011 IAB MIXX Awards – Silver
2011 New York Festivals Innovative Advertising Awards – Finalist
2010 FWA – Site of the Day
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