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Portfolio / Artwork


Her Eyes

Oil on canvas, 8″x 10″in.





Oil on wood, 9″x 9″





Oil on canvas, 11″ X 14″

I was motivated to paint this piece when I was spending a ton of time working from my small studio apartment in NYC. The best lighting in my apartment is at 9:30 am, but the rest of the day it’s a bit cavelike. Having recently quit my job at the time, I remember everything was unexpected and I was just trying to embrace whatever came my way.






Steampunk Toy Series. Spudnik, as I call him, was a project that was inspired by a craft swap project hosted by 99homebrew. Designers and crafters alike randomly were paired with a different theme and a material. My theme was “steampunk” and my material was “old toy.” Every project was open for interpretation.




Short & Feisty

Poster, 18″x 24″

A ladybug landed on my hand one day. I thought about how strange it was that we treat ladybugs so sweetly, opposed to how we treat other bugs.

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