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Portfolio / Skittles: Experience the Rainbow
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Skittles: Experience the Rainbow


I grew up with Skittles and have always loved their twisted sense of humor, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to work with a household name like Wrigley. I dedicated 1 1/2 years of blood, sweat, and crystalized sugar tears into creating a destination funhouse for Skittles fans. Our team was even responsible for also creating the voice of the Rainbow. is a never ending site of nonsense and fun. Since Skittles is known for their innovative flavors, we strategically designed this site so we could easily re-skin it each time a new flavor pack is launched. When the new Fizzl’d Fruits skittles pack came out, we fizzled the rainbow and created a world of bizarro content based on Tube Sock (the Fizzl’d Fruit mascot). The best part…we convinced Skittles to ship the Tube Sock costume to us so we could build custom content for the site from scratch. (Kinda feel bad for the intern that had to climb into that sock though. Pee-yew!)

My Role

UX/UI Design, Production


Dave Chau, Design Director
Jamie Kosoy, Technology Director


Big Spaceship


2011 W3 Awards, Websites: Food & Beverages – Silver
2011 W3 Awards – Gold
2011 Golden Award of Montreux – Gold
2011 IAB MIXX Awards – Silver
2011 New York Festivals Innovative Advertising Awards – Finalist
2010 FWA – Site of the Day
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