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Vitamin Water


This website showcases Glacéau’s range of water products: Vitamin Water, Smart Water, and Vitamin Energy. We wanted to capture each flavor’s personality by visualizing the vitamins, fruits, and herbs contained within each bottle. The element style was influenced by what each vitamin looked like at a microscopic view. Illustrations of fruits and herbs were abstracted to match the style. Cartoon characters were designed and animated to tie in a concurrent advertising campaign.

My Role

Production, Animation


Mariana Bukvic, Art Director
Tyson Damman, Sr. Designer
Adam Chang, Designer
Brian Stegall, Designer
Zander Brimijoin, Art Director


Big Spaceship


2008 Communication Arts, Interactive Annual – Winner
2008 Design Week – Shortlisted
2008 Webby Awards – Honoree
2008 Communicator Awards – Award of Excellence
2007 FWA – Site Of The Day
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