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Feature / Dignity Health Online Waiting Room Process

I was brought on to work on all of Dignity Health’s digital needs. My responsibilities included content strategy, UX recommendations, and improving the consistency and quality of the Dignity Health enterprise website. Dignity Health provides it’s patience with quality care and compassion. That’s why it’s important to consistently keep pushing for better, faster, and easier solutions for patients.

The Online Waiting Room is a digital tool for patients to set up Urgent Care and Emergency Care appointments easily from the comfort of your home. Our goals was to reduce any friction a patients may experience using the Online Waiting Room and educate patients who don’t know when to seek Urgent Care or Emergency Care.

In the beginning, the tool was difficult to find, it was hard to identify an Urgent Care facility from a Emergency Care, and the visual hierarchy made it frustrating to scan in a high pressure situation.

Since the tool needs to be accessible in an emergency, we elevated the tool’s prominence consistently across each facility site. We reduced the number of steps it takes to set up an appointment. We made the tool accessible on the DH enterprise site. We made it easy for patients to self-identify which facility is best for their medical needs and filter options by Urgent Care and Emergency Care facilities. We also made our tool accessible on for tablet and mobile, so patients can seek help quickly on the go.

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